Swinging Lamplighters - 1967
Ya gotta start somewhere, and for me (2nd from the left)
it was the "Swinging Lamplighters (circa 1967)
Hotel - signed to MCA late 70s
Its the mid-70's and I'm playing guitar with MCA artists "Hotel".
Notice the big hair
Split The Dark - 80's fashion...
It's skinny tie time in the fashion oriented 80's with
MTV Basement Tapes favs "Split The Dark".
George Porter of the Meters
1988 found me in New Orleans with Meter's bassist George Porter
for a major class in funk guitar!
Rockin' Robin
I move to Orlando, and meet the Franklin Brothers and join "Rockin Robin".
Rockin Robin live at Pleasure Island
Playing Pleasure Island in Orlando with "Rockin Robin"
Hard Rock Live Band
Again, with the Franklin Music Group, we form the "Hard Rock Live Band"
and tour Hard Rock Cafes worldwide backing up major artists.
Royal Albert Hall
Playing England's Royal Albert Hall with the "Hard Rock Live Band"
the Funk Club
The inside artwork from Fun(k) Club's debut CD "A Taste Of Money"
Miss Betty
The love of my life, my wonderful wife Miss Betty!