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THE ACOUSTIC LIBRARY: OK, here's the deal - these full length pieces are from Tommy's acoustic library. You are encouraged to download them for your personal use, burn them to CD, share them with your friends, etc. The ONLY proviso is that you may NOT sell them or use them in any commercial application without first securing the explicit, written consent of Tommy Calton and/or the appropriate copyright owners as applicable by copyright law.


Sun Shower - NEW
Rite of Passage
All In A Dream
Chapter's End
Invisible Chains
Life With Jabbo
Lo A Rose Ere Blooming
Morning Walk
Seven Michaels
Tea At Mrs. Healey's
Traverse For David
Wicklow Blues
Winter Waltz

All music examples on the Tommy Calton website are in the MP3 format due to its relatively quick download time and sound quality. Click on the song title to download the song sample into your mediaplayer.